H’art welcomes the new jazz label Inner Circle Music Europe.

With the new expansion Inner Circle Music Europe of the US label Inner Circle Music, which has been initiated by Juan García-Herreros aka Snow Owl – known as one of the most influential bass players of all time, H’art will make strong Jazz releases available from late summer on.

The three records „Art of Contrabass Guitar“, „Normas“ and „The Blue Road (Extended Edition)“ of Snow Owl are already available digital worldwide. Inner Circle Music was established by the jazz saxophonist Greg Osby with the aspiration to satisfy the claims of enthusiasts of creative music. Inner Circle Music is focusing to be part of the recovery of a creative and contemporary milieu. The label has a perfect platform within originally compositions, State-Of-The-Art production techniques and a testimonial of many influences to offer for new, creative and enthusiastic composers.

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