Founded in 1982 as pure export wholesaler, H’ART Musikvertrieb GmbH quickly developed into a reliable source for any music-related product available from Germany, from both, major and independent record companies. Import wholesalers and individual shops from all over the world have appreciated the services of H’ART ever since. The most important reasons for this are the comprehensive catalogue, the manifold ways of ordering (including B2B) and competitive prices.

H’ART’s multilingual export sales team supports the customer in any possible way, from generating tailor-made listings or finding special prices to arranging the most efficient way of shipping. 

In 2004, H’ART started developing a new business area, becoming a domestic distributor for independent labels in Germany. Meanwhile, more than 150 labels representing all genres have joined the H’ART catalogue.

With this ever-growing range of product H’ART has become a strong partner for the complete German music commerce.

As a domestic customer you receive weekly newsletters and special campaign information, but you are also able to view the H’ART distribution catalogue on Phononet (the German on-line database from the record industry) and to place your order via that tool.

Five sales agents service German customers, regularly presenting new product and campaigns on site. It is their aim to assist the customer in any way possible, from accompanying marketing measures to in-store product placement, supported by a knowledgeable in house team.

Based on its excellent experience, H’ART expanded its sales area to Switzerland in 2009, in order to offer the labels in distribution the same facilities that work successfully in Germany. This includes a Swiss office, listing in Swiss Phononet and, of course, regular face-to-face support by sales representatives. Also in Austria, the H’ART catalogue is available via Phononet, with a local partner taking care of distribution.

H’ART is part of the BERTUS Distribution group of companies. This creates synergy effects, offering the labels in distribution the possibility to cover not only the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) territory, but to have their product also professionally presented in BeNeLux.

Some of the labels H’ART carries are also available for exclusive distribution outside GAS and BeNeLux. For these, H’ART arranges all export distribution activities in house, from promotion to marketing campaigns. In other territories, H’ART has exclusive partners who can present particular labels in the best way possible.

So as a label you can be sure that H’ART finds the strongest partners to market your product, domestically as well as internationally.